Piano, Toy Piano and Kalimba

Michel van der Aa 

"Just Before" for piano and CD


Maria de Alvear

Louis Andriesson
"The Memory of Roses" (1992) for roses, piano and toy piano

Mark Applebaum
"Plundergraph" for piano and electronics

Larry Austin
"Accidents Two" (1992): sound projections for piano with computer music

Clarence Barlow
" ...until..." (1972) for piano and tone generator

Chris Brown
"Sparks" (1996)* for piano or keyboard and interactive computer

John Cage
"Music Walk" (1958) for piano
"Music for Marcel Duchamp" (1947) for piano

"Sonatas and Interludes" for prepared piano

Suite for Toy Piano" (1948) 

Frank Corcoran
"Mikrokosmoi" for piano
"Quasi Rondo e Scherzo" for piano
"Sweeney's Total Rondo" for piano

Stephen Clark
"A Song and a Prayer"(2000)* for piano and live electronics

Henry Cowell
"The Banshee", "Aeolian Harp", "Sinister Resonance", "The Tides of Manaunaun", 
"Tiger" for piano


Anthony de Ritis

Tine Curve Preludes (2009) for kalimba and electronics*

Moritz Eggert

for toy piano

"One Man Band I" for piano, "One Man Band II" for piano and toy piano

Karlheinz Essl
"Kalimba" for toy piano and electronics

"Sequitur XIV" (2009) for Kalimba and electronics*

Morton Feldman
"Vertical Thoughts 4 for Piano" for piano
"Piano Piece (to Philip Guston)" for piano

"Palais de Mari" for piano

Jacqueline Fontyn
"Le Gong" for piano
"Mosaici" for piano

Annie Gosfield
"Brooklyn, October 5th, 1941" for baseballs and catcher's mitt
"Five Characters Walk into a Bar" for piano

"Broken Nails and Metal Tails" (2009) for kalimba and electronics*

Vinko Globokar
"Notes" (1972) for amplified pianist and pianist

"Multi-solo 1.3" (2002)* for piano and tape

Georg Hajdu
"Light Blue" for piano, prepared piano and Kalimba
"LogaRhymen" for piano
"Fingerprints" for piano
"Tsunami" for toy piano

Peter Michael Hamel
"Mandala" for prepared piano
"Buch Lieder Spielen"* (2006) for kalimba and piano

Jonathan Harvey
"Tombeau de Messiaen" (1994) for piano and tape

Klaus Huber

Andrew Imbrie
"Daedalus" for piano

Matthias Kaul
"Air" (2006)* for voice and CD

Jerome Kitzke

Sascha Lino Lemke
"KalimBao (2006)*  for kalimba and electronics
"Chutes" for piano, percussion and electronics


Lukas Ligeti

"Dust" (2009) for kalimba*

Annea Lockwood
"Ear-Walking Woman"(1996) for prepared, amplified piano
"Red Mesa" (1989) for piano
"Ceci n'est pas un piano"(2002)* for piano, video and electronics
"Gone" (2006) * for music box and balloons


Dieter Mack

Chedi (2000) for piano

Silvia Matheus
"Hands"* (2001) for piano, video and electronics

Cathy Milliken
"Objects" for piano and voice

Roberto Morales
"Servicio e Domicilio" for piano and tape

Olga Neuwirth
"incidendo/fluido" (2000) for prepared piano and tape

Luigi Nono
"sofferte onde serene" (1976) for piano and tape

Larry Polansky
"The Casten Variations" (Premiere, March 25, 1994) for piano

Ivana Ognjanovic
"The Ship in Embrace of the Endless Dark Ocean" for piano, CD and video

Tera de Marez Oyens
"Charon's Gift" (1982) for piano and tape


Ruta Paidere

"Talea" for toy piano (2013)*

Belinda Reynolds
"Just Between Us" for piano, electronics and video

Jean-Claude Risset
"Duet for One" for Disklavier


Volodymyr Runchak

"Homo Ludens II" for piano


Frederic Rzewski

"Winnsboro Cotton Mills Blues"  for piano

Dieter Schnebel
"2 Studien" (1988) for piano and live electronics


Oliver Schneller

"Scattered Scene" (2009) for kalimba and CD*

"Suite op. 25" for piano

Peter Sculthorpe
"Mountains" for piano

Rodrigo Segnini
"Pamine" for piano and tape

Nikos Skalkotts
"15 Little Variations" for piano

Manfred Stahnke
"Malaita" (1989) for prepared piano and real-time recording

(2003) for piano and interactive electronics
"Partota II" for Disklavier and Sampler
"Sentimental Journey"* for toy piano

Karlheinz Stockhausen

"Mantra" for 2 pianos and electronics

Tan Dun
"C-A-G-E" (1993) for string piano
"Eight Memories in Watercolor" (1978) for piano
"Traces" (1989) for piano

Lois Vierk
"To Stare Astonished at the Sea" (1992) for amplified string piano


Julia Wolfe

"East Broadway" for toy piano and CD

Steffen Wolf

"Points" (2013) for toy piano* * written for Jennifer Hymer




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