Karlheinz Stockhausen's "Mantra" and the follow-up program "Mantra AfterMaths"

A milestone of the piano repertoire was Stockhausen's "Mantra" for 2 pianos, 24 crotales, 2 woodblocks and live-electronics.

 Stockhausen's masterpiece, composed in 1970, at the height of his creativity is one of his most fascinating pieces, perhaps oneof the richest and most spectacular works of the entire piano duo repertoire. 
The first of his formula compositions which, based on the Mantra-formula, unfolds over the duration of 70 minutes in a ceaseless stream of new incarnations.

Despite its epocal significance, not many comosers followed this particular path of combining two pianos with electronics. 

 With the goal of establishing the genre further as well as a homage to Stockhausen's classic, the piano duo Bernhard Fograscher/Jennifer Hymer gave commissions to composers Hans Tutschku, Harald Muenz, Sascha Lino Lemke and Oxana Omelchuk. The task of these works being to deal with "Mantra" creatively; its performance also being the origination of the piano duo Fograscher/Hymer. The program has also been supplemented by Michael Beil's "Doppel" for 2 pianos, electronics and video. This project "Mantra AfterMaths" was premiered at the  Klub Katarakt Festival  in Hamburg in January 2011. 


Listen and look to the first cyle of "Mantra" as well as the "Mantra AfterMaths" compositions!

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Mantra (1970), Cycle 1

for 2 pianos and electronics

Sascha Lino Lemke

Sketches for a Postcard to Sirius (2010)

for 2 pianos and electronics

Harald Muenz

unashamed piano playing (2010)

for 2 pianists without electronics

Oxana Omelchuk

PLAY BACK (2010)

for 2 pianos and keyboards/samplers




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