Kalimba! a program of new works for Kalimba solo

Georg Crumb used it in two of his most important pieces, as did Hans Werner Henze in his song cycle. But still, while frequently used in ethnic music, the kalimba is surprisingly yet to be established as a solo new music instrument.  The goal of Kalimba! is to anchor it  more firmly in the new music repertoire as a solo instrument.

In Jennifer Hymer's project 'Piano, Toy Piano, Kalimba & Gadgets", she commissioned new works, receiving compositions  for toy piano and kalimba by Manfred Stahnke, piano and kalimba by Peter Hamel with Sascha Lino Lemke writing a solo  for kalimba and electronics.  

 With Kalimba! an all  new program was  presented in September 2009 for kalimba solo (and electronics)  - with world premieres by Anthony De Ritis, Karlheinz Essl, Annie Gosfield, Lukas Ligeti and Oliver Schneller alongside pieces by Sascha Lino Lemke, David Lang, Georg Crumb and Manfred Stahnke.


The premiere concerts of  Kalimba!Kontained was sponsored by the Hamburg Netzwerk Project "Klang" in the "Klang!" Container on September 12th and 13th 2009: Kalimba!Kontained: a tiny, portable instrument for Hamburg's tiniest portable concert hall.

Sascha Lino Lemke: KalimBAO for kalimba and computer

Karlheinz Essl: Sequitur XIV (2009) for kalimba and live-electronics




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