Sascha Lino Lemke: Arnatuz tramet sa chanson (2017) for piano and electronics

Jennifer Hymer - piano
November 11, 2017 resonanzraum Hamburg

Benjamin Gordon: Lotte's Tofu Song (2016) for toy piano and percussion

Jennifer Hymer - toy piano

Julia Wolfe: East Broadway for toy piano and audio playback

Franceso Filidei: Programming Pinocchio for piano and electronics

Simon Steen-Anderson: Difficulties Putting it Into Practice (2007) for 2 amplified performers

Simon Steen-Anderson: Rerendered (2003) for pianist & 2 assistants

Vinko Globokar: Notes (1972)

Notes (1972)

for a (speaking) pianist

Mathias Spahlinger


for 7 pianos

Sascha Lino Lemke

Sketches for a Postcard to Sirius (2010)

for 2 pianos and electronics




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