Gemeinde Akademie Blankanese , Hamburg

Bilder hören-Töne sehen

Works for voice and piano by Frank Corcoran and Brahms (with Corinna Meyer-Esche- mezzo-soprano)




Non-Piano/Toy Piano Weekend 2017



Exhibition opening Hanna Malzahn, GEDOK-Hambug

works for voice and piano (Corinna Meyer-Esche- mezzo-soprano)


15. Juli

Finissage: photo exhibition by Monika Fabig 

Kunstforum der GEDOK, Hamburg

works for piano and toy piano


18. Juni

Blurred Edges Festival, Kunstforum der GEDOK, Hamburg

Musica ricercata- an evening with 6 pianists based upon Ligeti's four-hand piano piece Musica ricercata


23. May

Cite de Arts, Paris

with Ying-Chieh Wang- erhu, Fanny Vicens, accordion, Jennifer Hymer- piano

works by Wang Ying, Chen Cheng-Wen, Jay Lin, Chen Heng, Sascha Lino Lemke


17. April

Taiwan International Music Festival, Taipei

with Ying-Chieh Wang- erhu, Fanny Vicens, accordion, Jennifer Hymer- piano

works by Wang Ying, Chen Cheng-Wen, Jay Lin, Chen Heng, Sascha Lino Lemke


20. March

Ensemble Effusions,  'New Motets' 

La Chatreuse, Sevrés, France

Works by Michael Finessy, Francesco Filidei, Mauro Lanza, Sascha Lino Lemke, Sirah Alvarez


28. February

Piano Acrobatics (Piano-duo Bernhard Fograscher, Jennifer Hymer)

Unerhörte Musik, Berlin

Works for toy pianos, keyboards and piano by Daniel Moreira, Franceso Filidei, Mauro Lanza, Peter Köszeghy, Sascha Lino Lemke, Lin-Ni Liao, Moritz Eggert & Enno Poppe



10-11. September

Non-Piano/Toy Piano Weekend:Tschaikowsky-Saal & Speicher am Kaufhauskanal


8-17. July

Ensemble Effusions, Domaine de la Chaux, Aligny - en- Morvan with Marion Fermé (recorders) and Juliette de Massy (soprano)

works by Lin-Ni LIAO, Sascha Lino Lemke,  Franceso Filidei, Michael Finessy


19. June, Kunstforum der GEDOK

Toy Piano Mania

featuring  works for 6 toy pianos and piano. With Gamelan transcriptions by Steven Tanoto and additional works by David Bowie, Daniel Moreira, Sebastian Sprenger, Jacob Sello and Jan Feddersen.

with toy pianos/piano: Jan Feddersen, Bernhard Fograscher, Ninon Gloger, India Hooi, Jennifer Hymer, Sofi Natalia, Hugo Sellès Percussion: Stefan Weinzierl, Gamelan-percussion Steven Tanoto and voice: Marcia Lemke-Kern


30. April Satie-Festival, Forum neue Musik, Hamburg

works by Satie, Strawinsky and Toby Twining for violin and piano, with Ewelina Nowicka- piano


18. March, Kunstforum der GEDOK

All About Erhu 

works for Erhu, piano and voice by Debussy, Sprenger, Messiaen, Lin-Ni Liao, Filidei, Lemke

with Yang-Chieh Wang- erhu and Marcia Lemke-Kern - voice


27. February, Klangrauschen, Lübeck

works by Enno Poppe, Simon Steen-Andersen, Francesco Filidei, Sascha Lino Lemke, Daniel Moreira, Moritz Eggert, Ernst Bechert

Jennifer Hymer, Bernhard Fograscher- keyboards and piano

Sascha Lino Lemke- electronics


30. January, Gegen das Vergessen ('To Not Forget', in memory of the Holocaust)

GEDOK Kunstforum

with Corinna Meyer-Esche (mezzo-soprano) and Ewelina Nowicka (violin)

works by Mahler, Nowicka, Weinberg...


14.1 Festival Klub Katarakt, Kampnagel Hamburg

Portrait concert of Sascha Lino Lemke



2./3. October

Non-Piano/Toy Piano Weekend: The Beatles & John Cage

resonanzraum & Indra Musikclub

works by the Beatles, John Cage, Ruta Paidere, Simon Steen-Andersen, Sascha Lino Lemke (with Beatles transcriptions by Christopher Corcoran, Alvin Curran, Ninon  Gloger, Toby Twining, Benjamin Helmer, Daniel Moreira, Andrian Pertout, Steven Tanoto, Steffen Wolf)


27. September

Speicher am Kaufhauskanal, Hamburg

Moritz Eggert's 50th Birthday

works for piano and toy piano


4. September

Kirche am Markt, Blankenese

CD release party Steffen Wolf

works for piano, piano four-hand and toy piano


11. July


Corinna Meyer-Esche- mezzo-soprano, Jennifer Hymer- piano, toy piano


1. July

Forum neue musik- Hamburg

Satie Serenade: Ewelina Nowicka-violin, Jennifer Hymer- piano, toy pianos

works by Satie, Debussy, Nowicka, Milhaud, Eric Griswold, Toby Twining


14. June

Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg

Ensemble Effusions & Prasqual- works for recorders, toy piano and piano


9. June

Austrian Cultural Forum, New York City

Lukas Ligeti Focus

works for toy piano and kalimba


7. June

Alte Feuerwache, Colgone

ON-Neue Musik: Ensemble Effusions & Prasqual


29. Mai & 1. June

TPMC Series, Paris

Works for recorders, toy piano, kalimba and piano by Simon Steen-Andersen, Peter Köszeghy, Francesco Filidei, Sascha Lino Lemke, Prasqual, Linda Marcel, Daniel Moreira, Lukas Ligeti


22. May

University of Oldenburg, Colloquium

works by Simon Steen-Andersen, Francesco Filidei, Lukas Ligeti, Daniel Moreira, Sascha Lemke


4. May

Freie Akademie der Künste: GRAND PIANO

Rerendered for 1 pianist and 2 assistants

Bernhard Fograscher, Ninon Gloger, Jennifer Hymer - piano



2. November

Kunstforum der GEDOK, Hamburg


100th Birthday Felicitas Kukuck

Concert and talk by the composer’s daugther Margaret Johannsen

With Corinna Meyer-Esche (mezzo-soprano), Shin-Ying Lin (flute)  and Ewelina Nowicka (Violin)



26.-27 September

Non-Piano/Toy Piano Weekend,

Meßmer Momentum, Hafen City Hamburg

Toy Piano Talk: ‚everything you ever wanted to know about toy piano’

Studio E, Laeiszhalle Hamburg

Concerts with works by Karlheinz Essl, Jan Feddersen,  Peter Gahn, Peter Köszeghy, Mauro Lanza, Ruta Paidere, Daniel Moreira, Manfred Stahnke and Steven Tanoto,



14. & 17. September

Blankenese, Kirche am Markt

Portrait Concert Steffen Wolf and Exhibition Carmen Hillers


29. August

Le Rocher de Palmer, Cenon- France

Ensemble Effusions performs Lin-Ni LIAO


12. August

Pratoleva, Italy

Works by Frank Corcoran and Christopher Corcoran on occasion of his 70th birthday


2. May

Blurred Edges Festival, Forum Neue Musik Hamburg

Rad- a programm with keyboards, piano and synthesers based around Enno Poppe’s work

-Tristan Murail Atlantys (1986) für 2 DX7 Yamaha Synthesizers

-Franceso Filidei Programming Pinocchio (2002) für Klavier und Elektronik

-Enno Poppe Rad (2003) für 2 Keyboards

-Sascha Lino Lemke AKKORDeONoff (UA)

für einen Pianisten, Mundharmonika, Zylinder & A/V-Elektronik

 with Bernhard Fograscher, Jennifer Hymer- Klavier, Keyboards, Synthesizers

Sascha Lino Lemke - Elektronik


26. April

Kalimba! recording, Boston- works by Anthony De Ritis, Oliver Schneller and Annie Gosfield


24. April

Kunstforum GEDOK, Hamburg

Works by Carl Loewe, Richard Wagner, Anton Rubinstein, Hanns Eisler, Stephan Peiffer (premiere)

With Corinna Meyer-Esche – mezzo- soprano



12. Januar

Stadeum- Kultur und Tagungszentrum,  Stade

'Auf dem Wasser zu singen'

solo piano recital- works by  Debussy, Ravel, Liszt (transcriptions), Satie, Moritz Eggert



4. December

Essl Museum, Austria

Kalimba! program: Works by Sascha Lino Lemke, Oliver Schneller, Annie Gosfield, Karlheinz Essl, Lukas Ligeti, Anthony De Ritis, Peter Köszeghy


11. November

Laieszhalle, Hamburg

Jennifer Hymer- piano, Ewelina Nowicka - violin


15. Oktober

Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg

Ensemble Effusions in collaboration with fashion designer Katherina Hovmann

works by Eggert, Apherghis, Stahnke......


12. September

Handwerkskammer, Hamburg

works for toy piano


1. June

Toy Piano & Co

TPMC (Tout Pour la Musique Contemporaine), Paris

Ensemble Effusions

works by Mauro Lanza, Manfred Stahnke, Ruta Paidere, Lin-Ni Liao, Berio, Moritz Eggert


25. May

L'Elbe en Sein

Forum Neue Musik, Hamburg

Ensemble Effusions

works by Mauro Lanza, Manfred Stahnke, Ruta Paidere, Lin-Ni Liao, Berio, Benjamin Scheuer, Messaien 


14. Mai

Kunstforum der GEDOK

Hamburg-Berlin:  compositions for toy piano and piano

by Ruta Paidere, Peter Gahn, Steffen Wolf (premiere), Moritz Eggert, Volodymyr Runchak, Moritz Eggert


12. Mai 

Effusion-Konfusion: Ensemble Effusions with Eva Zöllner (Akkordeon) and Manfred Stahnke (introduction)

works by Steffen Krebber, Moritz Eggert, Gordon Kampe, Manfred Stahnke, Ewelina Nowicka


20. -21 April

Odessa, Ukraine: Two Days & Two Nights Festival

works for toy piano and piano by Annie Gosfield, Volodymr Runchak, Peter Köszeghy, Moritz Eggert, Ruta Paidere (premiere), Julia Wolfe, Manfred Stahnke


20. February

Wandsbeker Kulturschloss mit Marcia Lemke-Kern (voice), Ewelina Nowicka (Violin)

Works  by Sascha Lemke, Julia Wolfe....




27. November

Hochschule für Musik Lübeck

Stücke von Oliver Schneller and Sascha Lino Lemke


23. November

Musikhochschule Lübeck

Workshop for extended techniques for piano


27. Oktober

Ravensborg, Hamburg

 works by Köszeghy, Moreira, Wolf, Hülcker, Nowicka, Ermann, Stahnke, Lemke

Ensemble Effusions


24. October

Lüneburg New Music Festival

works by  Köszeghy, Mack, Wolf, Paidere, Hülcker, Nowicka, Moreira, Stahnke, Erdmann, Lemke

Ensemble Effusions


20. October

Klangrauschen, Lübeck

works by  Köszeghy, Mack, Wolf, Paidere, Hülcker, Nowicka, Moreira, Stahnke, Erdmann, Lemke

Ensemble Effusions


30. September

Ida Dehmal 70th year memorial

Lieder with texts by Richard Dehmel with Corinna Meyer-Esche, Mezzosopran


6. September

Kunsthalle, Hamburg

Sonatas and Interludes by John Cage

Daria Iossifova, Jennifer Hymer- piano


 14. August

'Sounds of Asia', China Time

works by John Adams, Richard Causton, Mari Kimura, Dieter Mack and Peter Közeghy, Xiaoyong Chen, Shao Qing

Marcia-Lemke Kern- soprano, Carola Schaal - clarinet, Daria Iossifova and Jennifer Hymer - piano/toy piano

Kunstforum der GEDOK


 18. June-1. July

Roaring Hooves Festival, Mongolia

works by Lukas Ligeti, Peter Köszeghy, Manfred Stahnke, Oliver Schneller, Jerome Kitzke, Stephan Montague, Julia Wolfe, John Cage for toy piano and kalimba


1. June

Collequium 'The Piano In My Life':  Extended techniques for piano, University of Oldenburg




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