toy pianos/piano: , Gamelan-percussion Steven Tanoto and voice: Marcia Lemke-Kern

 http://www.nonpiano-toypiano.de100th Birthday Felicitas Kukuck

With Corinna Meyer-Esche (mezzo-soprano), Shin-Ying Lin (flute)  and Ewelina Nowicka (Violin)



26.-27 September

Non-Piano/Toy Piano Weekend,

Studio E, Laeiszhalle Hamburg

Concerts with works by Karlheinz Essl, Jan Feddersen,  14. & 17. September

Blankenese, Kirche am Markt

Portrait Concert Steffen Wolf and Exhibition Carmen Hillers


29. August

Le Rocher de Palmer, Cenon- France

Ensemble Effusions performs Lin-Ni LIAO


12. August

Pratoleva, Italy

Works by Frank Corcoran and Christopher Corcoran on occasion of his 70th birthday


2. May

Blurred Edges Festival, Forum Neue Musik Hamburg

-Tristan Murail Atlantys

-Franceso Filidei Programming Pinocchio

-Enno Poppe Rad

-Sascha Lino Lemke AKKORDeONoff (UA)

 with Bernhard Fograscher, Jennifer Hymer- Klavier, Keyboards, Synthesizers

Sascha Lino Lemke - Elektronik


26. April

Kalimba! recording, Boston- works by Anthony De Ritis, Oliver Schneller and Annie Gosfield


24. April

Kunstforum GEDOK, Hamburg

Works by Carl Loewe, Richard Wagner, Anton Rubinstein, Hanns Eisler, Stephan Peiffer (premiere)

L'Elbe en SeinWild Pitches Woven Sounds - 'Why Patters', 'Palais de Mari'

Matthias Kaul - Percussion, Beatrix Wager - Flute, Jennifer Hymer - Piano


21. January 21:00

Festival Klub Katarakt, Kampnagel

Manta AfterMaths






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