Jennifer Hymer

received degrees of music at UC Berkeley and Mills College. Her teachers have included Julie Steinberg, James Avery and Bernhard Wambach. Interested in different and unusual sonic possibilities of the piano, she specializes in repertoire for piano and multi-media as well as extended techniques.

Moving to Germany in 1995, she consequently co-founded the electro-acoustic ensemble WireWorks; an ensemble for acoustic instruments, voice and electronics, with composer Georg Hajdu.

Numerous pieces have been dedicated to her and her ensemble by composers such as Alvin Curran, Roberto Morales, Helmut Oehring, Peter Hamel, Silvia Matheus, Hanna Kulenty, Maria de Alvear, Matthias Kaul, Manfred Stahnke, Dror Feiler, Annea Lockwood, Reinhard Flender, Sascha Lino Lemke and Chris Brown.

She has just finished recording a solo CD with the German label Ambitus under the title "Ceci n'est pas un piano" with pieces by Tan Dun, Manfred Stahnke, Georg Hajdu, Cathy Milliken, Annie Gosfield, Annea Lockwood and Sascha Lemke.




Jennifer Hymer    Telefon: 040/57243989